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Dr. Shane Watt D.C.

1664 West Town Center Dr. South Jordan Utah 84095 ... (801)446-0800

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  • Monday: 9:00 - 12:00, 3:00 - 6:00
  • Tuesday: 3:00 - 6:00
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"For several months I would wake up in pain during the night- not even being able to roll over without back pain. After meeting with Dr. Watt a total of two visits, I was sleeping through the night without pain! He seems to have the magic touch."

Ann Throckmorton

"I first came to Dr. Watt for my frequent headaches. My headaches decreased dramatically after just one visit. After a few more visit my headaches were mostly gone. I have continued t o have regular visits with Dr. Watt for maintenance. I am now 95% headache free, my posture has improved, I have been sleeping better, and my overall mood has increased."

Rachelle Rogers

"Since I started going to Mountain West Chiropractic I have had so much more energy to perform in all aspects of my life I haven’t felt this good in many many years. I highly recommend to anyone. If you don’t you are missing out! Big thanks to the chiropractic team at mountain west chiropractic!"

Steven Alviso

"We did Neurofeedback at NeuroBolic Health Center for my son and we saw a tremendous difference after 34 sessions. He was focusing better and not having near the as many meltdowns as he was previous to treatment. Thanks Dr. Watt!"

Emily Shoff

"I get those annoying headaches about 3 times a week. Since I’ve been going to Dr. Watt, I haven’t had a headache. He is Amazing! I would highly recommend this place!!"

Misty Gritton

"I had some weird numbness going on in my right shoulder blade area. It was pretty constant and was super uncomfortable. Through Mountain West Chiropractic, Dr Shane Watt was able to make it go pretty much away. I feel the numbness about once every week instead of every other hour. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Watt!"

Maryn Davis

"This place is amazing. Not out to gouge you and take you for all your money. They give you excellent service. Truly above and beyond. Thank you for your help."

Dom Montoya

"I went to a health fair, going booth to booth. I bought a tens unit at one of the booths hoping it would help my stinging elbow pain that I was suffering with for 5 months. I came upon Dr. Watt booth, explained to him my elbow pain. He said, “I know exactly what you have and can fix it.” Music to my ears, but I had already bought the tens unit. Dr. Watt called about 2 weeks later wondering how I was doing. I said it wasn’t helping and made an appointment to see him. Each time I went my elbow decreased in pain. It is so much better now, I can scoop up my grandchildren again! Just amazing!"

Cindy Kerr

"My neck had started hurting in October of 2018. My doctor had told me I was having acute muscle spasms. They gave me some physical therapy exercises and some muscle relaxers. Needless to say this didn't work. Cut to January 22nd 2019. I came to this chiropractic clinic and walked out with MUCH less pain. My second appointment was today and I can finally turn my head with out a bunch of soreness and pain. I know I have a ways to go before I am back to normal but, Dr. Watt is amazing. Everyone here is super nice. I recommend them highly."

Crystal Winter

Meet The Doctor

Dr. M. Shane Watt has been a practicing Chiropractor for over 22 years. He is one of the leaders in the latest Cutting Edge Techniques. He specializes in Functional Health including Peripheral Neuropathy, Decompression, Neurofeedback, Thyroid, and Auto Accidents. He is an author, "Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life". He is also a conference coordinator for the "Natural Health and Wellness Conference" and is a host of a weekly podcast called "Be Healthy Naturally".

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