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Ann Throckmorton

For several months I would wake up in pain during the night- not even being able to roll over without back pain.  After meeting with Dr. Watt a total of two visits, I was sleeping through the night without pain!  He seems to have the magic touch.

Rachelle Rogers

I first came to Dr. Watt for my frequent headaches. My headaches decreased dramatically after just one visit. After a few more visit my headaches were mostly gone. I have continued t o have regular visits with Dr. Watt for maintenance. I am now 95% headache free, my posture has improved, I have been sleeping better, and my overall mood has increased.

Steven Alviso

Since I started going to Mountain West Chiropractic I have had so much more energy to perform in all aspects of my life I haven’t felt this good in many many years. I highly recommend to anyone. If you don’t you are missing out! Big thanks to the chiropractic team at mountain west chiropractic!

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Dr Shane Watt D.C.

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