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#30 Kids and Dental with Dr Michelle Jorgensen

Season #1

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen DDS, FAGD, TNC, CNAS, a biological/holistic dentist shares with us how she helps children with their dental care.   Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist and health and wellness  provider.

She is the author four books:  

• Healthy Mouth, Healthy You; Holistic Dental Guide  

• Be Prepared, Not Scared; 12 Steps to Emergency  Preparedness  

• Self-Sufficient Living; a 12 Step Guide to help you gain security to learning to provide for yourself.  

• 100 Days from the garden; 100 days of Seasonal Recipes and Eating from the Living Well Gardens with Bonus harvest, preservation, and health tips   

After practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, Dr. Jorgensen became very sick. Through her own journey to return to health, she discovered she had mercury poisoning from drilling out mercury fillings for her patients. She was concerned that there may be other health threatening materials or procedures in dentistry, and this concern led her to the Biologic/Holistic Dentistry field.   

For the last 10 years she has been paving the way in Biologic/Holistic dentistry, learning from pioneers all over the world. She has created the Total Care Dental and Wellness Way, a patient CARE centric, health focused method for treating dental and overall health. Patients from around the world seek out her care and come to Total Care Dental and Wellness to have their health restored.   

She is also the founder of Living Well with Dr. Michelle, a local and global outreach to teach the habits and the behaviors necessary to really live well in today’s world. Everything from simple, healthy meal planning for busy families to Nature’s Medicine cabinet are included.  She has received certifications as a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor, a Certified Nutritional Autoimmune Specialist, and is a Board-Certified Traditional Naturopath.   

A busy mom of four, she loves to spend time with her family and is happiest when teaching and helping people!   

Contact Info: [email protected] 801-360-5549  


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