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Be Healthy Naturally

Be Healthy Naturally

Hosted by: Liz Watt

Be Healthy Naturally is all about learning how to increase your health in natural ways. Doctors, Practitioners, Educators bring their expertise as they increase our knowledge on how to increase our health...


Change Your Mind Change Your Life with LaMonte Wilcox

Season #1 Episode #19

Our minds are the most powerful tool we possess. By learning how to think properly, we can change and create a life we have always wanted. Lamonte Wilcox is the Founder of the NAAP System. He sees numerous clients at...
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Allergy Testing with Candie Williams

Season #1 Episode #18

DNA Resonance testing for Intolerance and Sensitivities Find out what your DNA is saying about your intolerances and sensitivities for a fraction of the cost. Using hair analysis might be a good option to start with...
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Reclaim Your Life With Amino Acids Shelly Jo Wahlstrom

Season #1 Episode #17

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life. When proteins are digested or broken down, amino acids are left. The human body uses amino...
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Diabetes, How to Fight It With David Maughan

Season #1 Episode #16

What if you found out you could reverse your diabetes? What if you found out you no longer have to take insulin? With a very strict diet and exercise, making sure your body gets the correct nutrients, most healthcare...
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Overcoming Cancer With David Maughan

Season #1 Episode #15

David was a downwinder and developed severe health problems. There was not much hope for David until he took the matter into his own hands. By doing his own research, and implementing what he learned, he was able to...
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Dr Trevor Cates Clean Skin Within

Season #1 Episode #14

  Dr. Trevor Cates, know as the Spa Doctor teaches us about the importance of healthy skin. The health of our bodies shows up in our skin. She explains what is inflammatory to our bodies. She teaches us how we can...
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Heart Disease with Dr Ray Andrew

Season #1 Episode #13

Ray Andrew, MD, is a compassionate and skilled physician at Prestige Wellness Institute in Utah County and Moab, Utah. Dr. Andrew specializes in functional and regenerative medicine and offers a variety of services to...
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Natural Cosmetics with Lauren Brooke

Episode #12

Lauren Brooke is the owner of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. After being sick for many years, she went on a quest to find answers. Many chemicals are found in women cosmetics contributing and compromising their health....
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Ancient Grains with Greg Hall

Episode #11

A thousand years ago, grains were pure.  A hundred years ago, grains were still pure - but not any more. Kamut, Spelt, Einkor and Emmer and other grains like quinoa, amaranth, flax, buckwheat and teff are all ancient...
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Finding Hope Though Mental Illness with Casey Hermansen

Episode #10

What happens when our lives come crashing down and we can't find answers? Casey Hermansen was a very successful businessman when his wives mental illness took a turn. Together they had to find other options to help...
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Ninja Warrior With Alex Weber

Episode #9

  Alex is a nationally recognized speaker on health. He has spoken on NBCs American Ninja Warrior, TEDx, LinkedIn, Goalcast, and Stanford Business.  He just competed on America Ninja Warrior and is an Award-Winning...
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Becoming Limitless with Brett Lechtenberg

Episode #8

Brett Lechtenberg is a nationally recognized expert on Business and personal empowerment.   His transformational skills including entrepreneurial coaching; systems development and implementation; as well as personal...
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