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Be Healthy Naturally

Be Healthy Naturally

Hosted by: Liz Watt

Be Healthy Naturally is all about learning how to increase your health in natural ways. Doctors, Practitioners, Educators bring their expertise as they increase our knowledge on how to increase our health...


#30 Kids and Dental with Dr Michelle Jorgensen

Season #1

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen DDS, FAGD, TNC, CNAS, a biological/holistic dentist shares with us how she helps children with their dental care.   Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker,...
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Osteoporosis with Alyssa Kuhn

Season #1 Episode #29

Osteoporosis is one of the biggest reasons our bodies are not allowed to experience a productive life. Alyssa, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, is very passionate about teaching the public the importance of working with...
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Human Body Performance With Kaleb Augat

Season #1 Episode #28

Kaleb Augat is a Health Coach and a Personal Trainer. He helps people unlock their potential and optimize their performance by guiding them in identifying and improving areas of their life affecting their health goals...
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Finding Recourses Gluten Free Podcast with Elikqitie

Season #1 Episode #27

Gluten-Free and want some solutions on how to live a lifestyle full of fun and adventure? Elikqitie shares her best tips, tricks, and hacks so you can navigate your next travel adventure safely. She wants everyone to...
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Understanding Biological Dentistry With Michelle Jorgensen

Season #1 Episode #27

Biological Dentistry? What is it and how is it different? Why should I look for a Biological Dentist? All of these questions plus much more will be answered in this episode. Meet Dr. Michele Jorgensen, a biological...
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Nourishing Your Childs Brain with Lisa Ann de Garcia

Season #1 Episode #26

Lisa works with children to help nourish their brains by stimulating them with cognitive and functional therapies. Doing something really simple can bring great results. You can find more about Lisa at:...
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Essential Oils 101

Season #1 Episode #25

There are so many different kinds of essential oils on the market. What are the best kinds of oils to buy? What oils help with what sicknesses? Gavin Poulton from Natures Fusion answers our questions and talks to us...
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Hydrogen Water... Could Be The Missing Link

Season #1 Episode #24

Do you struggle with your health and still not finding answers? Hydrogen Water could be what you are missing. Paul Barattiero from Synergy Science explains to us how hydrogen could be the missing link our gut is...
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Small Daily Changes to Help Remove Toxins From Products and Foods with Karalynne Call

Season #1 Episode #23

Have you stopped to think about the ingredients you ingest into your body or the ingredients you put on your skin? Are they natural or could they actually be toxic? Karalynne Call joins us today, also known as...
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Seasonal Eating, Sprouting and Sough Dough with Chestnut Pines

Season #1 Episode #22

Chestnut Pins is a cafe all centered around healing our bodies, mind, and soul. Their cafe is a place you can trust to get good quality foods with a fun atmosphere. Informative classes are taught teaching others on...
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Healing Strong, Finding Hope Through Sickness with Colette Moser

Season #1 Episode #21

HealingStrong is a non-profit organization. All meetings are free. If you would like to support the HealingStrong effort you can be a supporting member for $5 a month and have access to all the books and curriculum...
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Therapeutic Massage with AJ Body Works

Season #1 Episode #20

Massage can by way more than just something that is relaxing. If done right, massage can open up your body to healing. Amy and Jeremy explain to us about Craniosacral and Mercier massages and how these techniques have...
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